“Just as I thought I knew all of life’s answers, They changed all the questions” – Unknown (or, more accurately, google search turned up with nothing).

I had another vet visit today. I am now 52 pounds.  On the surface, that sounds great.  But I am growing so fast I do not have time to adjust.  I used to go down the stairs easy, but because my legs get so long so fast I have a hard time estimating the next step so I slip and slide so somebody needs to catch me.

I can climb up the bed by myself now, but getting down hurts my joints because I am so much heavier now than I was a couple of weeks ago.

I trip over my own paws.  I trip over everything actually.  And I am everywhere so everyone trips over me too!

Life Lesson:  You don’t need to actually GET IT, you just need to look like you do.

1 thought on “BIGGER

  1. Just think of it as growing pains, Meatball.
    Someday, you’ll look back at this and smile.
    When you smile, the whole world will smile back.

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