Sometimes communication should be just so easy.  I mean I know that there are times when you are trying to say something and it comes out wrong, or you might not be expressing yourself right.  But other times it’s just so, “uh, like I said “YES” Duh! You know the old NO means NO. No yes, I really mean NO! …Is that clear?

It’s like, when I am wagging my tail it means I’m happy, What does it look like I mean?

If I have my head down, it means I’m sad.

If my tail is between my legs it means I’m afraid, (protecting my butt, get it?)

If I’m growling it means Get Away!…unless I am playing then you can come, but I may bite you.

..and If I am barking at you it means something..if you are making my food, it means  hurry up minion, I am hungry and impatient…..If I am just barking it may mean I have to go pee, take me outside minion.

Humans just don’t interpert the barks well. When are they going to learn.

I don’t have opposable thumbs and they don’t speak bark, it does get complicated

Life Lesson: Pay Attention Fool, somehow you will figure it out,….eventually

1 thought on “Signals

  1. You have to learn new tricks and other ways to communicate. Then you’ll have them eating from your paws.
    Life is a chera bollies.

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