Ah, the Joy’s of the Belly Rub!

You guys don’t know what you’re missing. All I have to do is to roll over and somebody, usually my dad comes over and rubs my belly. It’s divine!, ( I can’t believe I just said “divine”). …anyway, 1st of all It just feels great! 2nd, He comes to me and rubs MY belly, I OWN him! I don’t have to do anything in return. yep, and you wanna’ know why?  I AM cute!

The best part is when I pretend I have to go out and poop or pee, then I just roll over there in the grass and he has to rub my belly. It is great! There is nothing better than the great outdoors, seeing the world upside down, the smell of fresh grass, sunshine on your belly while it gets rubbed by some easy fool. But a word of warning…You have to pick your moments, if you try this at 3:00 am, he gets real ornery. Then it is NO fun at all!

Life Lesson: If you act cute there will be some sucker who will rub your belly.

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