So it’s 3:00am and I need to pee. I know I better not just go here in the house, it smells up my castle and the big guy doesn’t like it. He doesn’t quite like getting woken up at 3:00am either but, hey when nature calls a dogs gotta’ go.

So there we are, it is dark I pee. Ok that was fun, but for the real fun I think I will just smell around for awhile, maybe I’ll poop, maybe not. Kinda’ depends if I find the right place, just ’cause it’s 3:00 am doesn’t mean I am going to act desperate and poop just anywhere!

 So, we go around the yard once, hmmm let’s try that again, Ithink I remember a good spot on the other side.

I’m almost there and then what comes out from the neighbors yard? Hey, it is a little black doggy with a real cool white strip,how cute!

THEN BEFORE I KNOW IT, ” BOOM”, just like Star Trek, I am transported to the front door of the house and inside SO fast, I don’t know what happened. “I’m sorry officer, I don’t remember a thing”! Really I never knew the big guy can run so fast, he was like Jesse Owens, Mario Andretti, or Rocket Boy, (ok I made that one up).

The big guy starts yammerrin’ that he’d rather face a bear, or aliens, or the evil dead at 3:00am before geting sprayed by a skunk.

So, I guess we made it safely home,  ……. I never did get to poop untill the morning though.

Life Lesson: Live in the moment, but be ready to get out of there fast!

1 thought on “SKUNK!!!!

  1. Hey, Meatball!
    Your’e lucky that the “big guy” saw the skunk first, because if you were sprayed, you’d be ostrasized into no man’s land by yourself for a long time. your poop smells better than the “perfume”. But that’s one of life’s experiences..

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