Eat Play Sleep

Ah, a good nap is so important, I try to do it a lot! I know, I know, I can sleep all night, get up, go for a walk, eat, go for another walk…and then go back to sleep. Yes, I can play a bit …and then go back to sleep. Sometimes I sleep, walk outside a bit, then go back to sleep. Wasn’t there a movie recently  Eat Play Sleep? Hey, I have to conserve my energy,…just in case …um, I have to play again. It is a rough life, I wonder if wild dogs get to sleep all the time?

 I jumped up where the big guy sleeps at night once. Ok, I gave him the puppy dog eyes and cried, (he’s so easy!) Wow!, is that comfortable, I want to sleep there all the time. On the other hand the tile floor is really cool and feels so good after a long day of eating, playing and…uh, sleeping.

Some might miss construe this as lazy, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Well ok, somethings could be further from the truth, but it still isn’t lazy, …it’s just my nature, and in this day and age of conserving energy and being natural I guess I am as green as they come,Go green! I even emit fertilizer…try that in a Prius!

Life Lesson: Take a Nap

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