The Beacon Barkery

 If I died and went to heaven, I think it would be a lot like being at the Beacon Barkery.

It is one trauma after another going to the Barkery.  First the car ride, then having to pass the big bad trash can AND the bigger, badder Mailbox. When you get to the door, there might be other dogs there that are usually bigger than me.

Inside makes everything worthwhile.  As soon as you enter the door there is a section of home baked goods that makes you want to wish its your birthday.  There’s a lot of squeaky stuffed toys, pull toys, lots of treats and different kinds of pet foods.

If you’re lucky you would also get to meet Ms. Libby Faison, who usually dispenses sage advise on almost everything pet related.  She knows almost every pet that comes, and she always has a treat for them.  There are also just regular people who just shop or look around, and they don’t mind petting and getting to know new dogs.

The last time I was there, a couple stopped by to pet me because I reminded them of their old dog.  It made me feel special being able to make them happy just because of what I am!

Life Lesson:  Always have your best cute on, coz you never know when you’re gonna score a piece of meat treat.

2 thoughts on “The Beacon Barkery

  1. Remember, that’s one person you have to be nice to all the time.
    When you’re nice to people, they’ll be nice in return.

  2. Hey Meatball. I have to apologize for not speaking to you in a few days. I guess you’ve heard that we have a buyer for our house, and soon you will have to get used to another place. You probably don’t remember, but you saw this place once. You were very uncomfortable that day. But, there will be other days.

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