Big Russ

So, anyway across the street from me lives this big labrador retriever, Russ. He’s quite animated everytime he see’s me out in the yard. The first time I saw him, he just barked his head off, BARK, BARK, BARK! Like I get the point, but man you’re scaring the crap out of me, I’m just a young pup and you are like a maniac.

The next time, it was someones great idea to try and bring him over my yard. Uh, NO! I’m just not having it, so I beeline for the door and head inside. Buuut, eventually I realize he’s just a dog and I have no other dog friends yet. Yeah there was the Chihuahua that I was introduced to but he wanted absoultely nothing to do with me. And there was Cody who also didn’t seem to be ready to play either. Maybe it was my jumping, barking and wanting to play too much? Did I have bad dog manners? Hmm, maybe Russ is just not trained in the social arts? Maybe me neither? Maybe we’ll be good friends….someday. They say something about getting all of my vaccines first.

Where was I? Oh yeah,……So, sometimes I sitting my yard a safe distance from crazy Russ and kinda’ smell in his direction. He seems to smell OK.

Yesterday, Dad and I walk over to see Russ, He is going absolutely Bananas! I’m staying comfortably behind my daddy where it is safe. I get about two feet away and he is barking like a crazy nut job, forget it! I’ll get closer some other time, let’s go. I let out a few feeble barks, (how embarassing he didn’t even respond) and I’ve said my piece, lets go!

 One day when I’m just a bit bigger I am going to walk right up to ole’ Russ and say “Hi”.

One day when I am just a little bit bigger I am going to do a lot of things.

But for now, I’m staying safe with my daddy.

Life Lesson: Just because your crazy neighbor has poor social skills…and you may too, doesn’t mean you can’t all become friends….someday.

1 thought on “Big Russ

  1. Hey, Meatball, you tell that guy,”Wait a few months, and I’ll show you who’s boss”.
    Just eat healthy foods and exercise a lot, then they will back away from you.

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