Hurricane Irene

There is always a silver lining.

Hurricane Irene made landfall in New York 2 days ago. My mom had been so mad because she was supposed to go to Toronto for my Aunt S’s birthday but her train was cancelled and she has been grumpy since then.  It had been non stop raining so peeing and pooping were hard. Even my dad had been grumpy because I couldn’t pee and poop on demand and he would have to get wet with me.

Some low-lying roads are still like rivers.  Some buildings had been condemned because their foundations have been compromised. There are still a lot of homes without power.

On the bright side, my mom got so bored she cooked chicken for me and chicken skin chicaron for herself. She even cooked vegetable ulam for my dad.

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Life Lesson:  There is always a silver lining.  Sometimes you just have to look harder for it.

Oedipus not so complex

Ok, so I turned four months old…now it’s time to kill my daddy. Ok, Ok, I’m not really going to kill him. I am just going to sit on him and bite him up. look I am almost as big as him. heheh,he. One of these days, I am going to tell him what to do!  It’ll be like Hey buddy you go fetch! Go get me my toy, go get me my dinner,…, check that..Go get me YOUR dinner!

….and then he stands up. I guess I have a ways to go. Apparently he is just playing and he can get on top of me anytime. Ya’ know what, I am going to be nice to him. he takes me outside, ( I still haven’t figured out the whole door thing), he does feed me, brings me cookies, gets me toys to play with, ( or kill a little bit), rubs my belly and my ears stands out in the rain with me. Yeah, I guess I’ll keep him.

Actually, I am lucky.  I think he pays more attention to me than my mommy. He comes home and throws a quick “hello” to her than we get to start playing, walking, and eating.

So even though the “experts” say he shouldn’t play down at my level, he does and boy is it fun, he even almost lets’ me win sometimes.

Life Lesson: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you too hard.

The Low-Table and Me

Everybody needs a hiding place.

The Low-Table is a good example of my mom’s great idea and my dad’s even greater execution.  We have very few pieces of furniture in our house.  My dad  is determined design and make most of our furniture.  My mom loves sitting on the floor so she asked my dad to make a low table for her.  My dad make it from an old grate that he got from a junk shop. It was originally meant to be a sushi table, but my mom liked it so much that she made it her office.

It became my hiding place by accident.  I was trying to get my mom to notice me while she was working.  I fell from the cushions and landed underneath the table.  It was the perfect size for me.  It was dark, sheltered, perfect. In the beginning I could even stand up under it. Now the only way i could fit is if all my legs are cut off.  It doesn’t stop me from still trying to go though.  I hit my head on the grate every time, but still I go.  And the only movement I can do is belly crawl, but I still go.  I think in a couple of weeks I will either not be able to go underneath, or I will break the table trying… but I will still go.

Life Lesson:  When the time comes that you become too big for your shelter, maybe it is your turn to shelter.

Horsey and Me

horsey and me a week ago

Even siblings grow at different paces.

Horsey is my mom’s kind of pet – cute, soft and low maintenance.  The first time we met, I was just a little over half his size.  I had been afraid of him then.  At first I didn’t even want to go near him.  My dad had to cover his face with a towel so I could play in the living room.

Then I had the afraid-but-aggressive phase with him.  I would bark at him a lot, nonstop until my dad would reassure me that he isn’t going to harm me. When I wasn’t afraid of him anymore, I then tried to dominate him by humping him.

In spite of my craziness, he has been nothing but silent and strong for me.  He never rebuked me, never criticized me, yet he was always there for me. I am probably 1 1/2x his size, but he is still  my best friend.

Horsey and Me 7 weeks ago

Life Lesson:  We not only grow at different paces, but we also grow different directions. Old friends are precious as they had loved what you had been. New friends are a comfort, in spite of your weird size and shape, you can still be accepted. Friends who are friends forever – PRICELESS!

DDKTed to my BFFs!

The Demise of Yellow Dog

One by  one they fall. I know I have written about this before, but recently unknown spy footage from and unnamed source has revealed Shocking footage of the  last moments of our beloved Yellow Dog.  The perpetrator has been caught on film and is currently being sought by the authorites.

One investigator on the scene described it as Horrific. He said, “Well, it isn’t the worst stuffed toy asassination I have ever seen, but the victim did look like Swiss cheese.”

Friends of Yellow Dog remeber him as a nice gentle soul who always had a smile and wouldn’t hurt a thing. However someone who wished to remain anonomous wasn’t so complimentary. He was quoted as saying, ” He squeaked too much and you know what happens to squealers!”

Some of Yellow Dog’s friends had expressed fears about his and thier saftey. Indeed, when we tried to ask about them, some of them could not be reached. Lbs. The big M&M looking guy seemed to just bable and appeared to be missing a large portion of his synthetic white fluffy brains. He is recovering high up on a table and is hoping for a brain infusion and stitching. Mr. Squeaky Chicken has decided not to talk which is not  to blame him as it seems as his voice box has been savagely ripped out. Last seen Mr. Bear was hiding under the couch.

Even with the photo evidence and the camera phone video footage caught by a bystander authorities are having trouble matching the photos with a suspect. One person visitig the crime scene summed it up well, “after a while all those guys look a like, how can you tell?”

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Life Lesson:
Choose your friends carefully, If they enjoy chewing into you, it may not be safe.


  Cousins are like warts – you may not want them at first, but they grow on you.

After the initial excitement my cousins began to wear on me.  They sit where I want to sit. They play with my toys when I want to play with my toys.  Worse, my mommy paid too much attention to them.  They tired me out.

Two days ago they left after staying with us for three weeks.  At first I felt relieved.  Finally I will have my house, my mommy and my daddy to myself again!  But why do I feel lonely now?  I miss them!  Nobody plays with me now when my mom and dad has to go to work. I promise to share my toys if they come back!

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LIfe Lesson:  While sharing and compromising are not fun, having somebody to play and laugh with is.


I love food! OK, I said it, Yes, I admit it. I really love food!!! Not just a little. Not just like, “Oh Rover, those tasty little morsels are just fabulous”. No, I love it like HEY EVERYONE, GET OUTTA’ MY WAY, LEAVE ME ALONE I’M EATING! …AND I’M EATING IT ALL!!!   MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!!!!   aaaahhhhh, burp, I’m done,..hicup, hicup, hicup…..snoooooze.

What I really love is people food. They get so many different flavours and really great smelling stuff. Stuff like ice cream! yeah, I can smell it. Meat! cheese! peanut butter! instead I get the same old bag of food bits and some hard dry cracker/biscuit things, …sigh. 

Ok, here comes the shameless plug…I eat Blue Buffalo, supposed to be really good for me and they make one for big dog puppies like me. Hopefully one day my picture will be on the package, or maybe I can do their TV commercials! Then maybe I can get a lifetime supply. I would really like that!

One suggestion, they should put a prize in the bag just like they used to do with kids cereals or with Cracker Jacks. Don’tcha think it would be great if they had a toy inside?

Ok, all of this talk is making me hungry!

Life Lesson: Mangia!


What Goes up Must Come Down

Boy, these stairs seem to be getting taller and steeper! It sure is easy going up, but there is a lot more momentum going down, Sometimes I feel like I’ll just stay up here, thank you,. Yeah, just bring me my food and I’ll be Ok up here.

Thank goodness my dad is there to catch me just in case.  It was so much easier when he was carrying me down……Don’t tell anyone but sometimes he still carries me down a lot of times. I hope he always does even when I am bigger. It is nice to have a helping hand and someone besides you if you have to go down.

Life Lesson: Life sure is nice when you are on the way up, but coming down is sometimes harder than climbing up.

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  “Just as I thought I knew all of life’s answers, They changed all the questions” – Unknown (or, more accurately, google search turned up with nothing).

I had another vet visit today. I am now 52 pounds.  On the surface, that sounds great.  But I am growing so fast I do not have time to adjust.  I used to go down the stairs easy, but because my legs get so long so fast I have a hard time estimating the next step so I slip and slide so somebody needs to catch me.

I can climb up the bed by myself now, but getting down hurts my joints because I am so much heavier now than I was a couple of weeks ago.

I trip over my own paws.  I trip over everything actually.  And I am everywhere so everyone trips over me too!

Life Lesson:  You don’t need to actually GET IT, you just need to look like you do.


Why do I always hurt the ones I love? All of my friends are wounded..and at my hand,…ok, mouth. Mr. Bear has what looks to be a bullt hole in his head, nope I just have seem to have torn a hole there and now his soft white synthetic brains just fall right out. Lbs., (or pounds) as he is called, (Lbs stands for little brown sh**) he is the big M&M looking guy. He too has a hole in his head and I seem to get great joy in pulling his wondeful soft white fluffy brains out. So does that make me a bad doggy?  My fake raccoon took an abdominal injury in stride, but I swear I want to get that squeaker removed from him…I gotta’ keep him from sqeaking, he might warn the others. Oh and yeah, yellow dog, well I think he has just been granted Swiss citizenship. He has so many holes and constantly bleeds stuffing.

Sometimes the big guy trys to help them escape and gives them a head start by launching them away from me, but I always track ’em down. They just don’t seem to run fast enough, hehehe…..

 Sigh, friendship is fleeting. I guess the life expectancy of squeaky stuffed friends isn’t very long. Ah well, they are fun for awhile. It is better to have loved and chewed than to never have been chewed at all…or something like that.

Life Lesson: Sometimes the ones you love will rip the stuffing out of you.  (RIP Lbs., raccoon, Mr. Bear, Yellow dog)

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