I Wanna Be A Pig!

Not all humans are dog lovers.  Some are actually afraid of dogs!

My mom is not a dog lover.  I do not think she hates me, only that she doesn’t care about me.  She is not mean to me, but she does not pet me much either.  She would sometimes rub my ears, or my back, but she never lets me kiss her  or put my mouth anywhere near her.  When she is feeling extra benevolent, she might let me lick her feet.  “Alis ka dyan!“, which is Filipino for “go away” are her favorite words for me.

She said it would have been better if they had gotten a pig instead.  According to her, pigs are cleaner, smarter and they grow up to 500 pounds and become something lofty called Bacon.  If I were a pig she would probably cuddle with me more, kiss me more and not push me away as much.

Why do puppies love the humans who love them least?  When my mom and dad are sitting apart, I usually want to sit with my mom.  And I don’t just sit with her.  I try to make it a point to have as much skin to skin contact as I can, at which point she will push me away.  I then just lie underneath her table so I could at least smell her feet.

When my dad and mom are kung-fu fighting, it would be her that I defend.

I follow her around like a love-sick puppy.  Ouch! I AM a LOVE-SICK PUPPY!

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson:  If you’re not Bacon, you will never be Bacon, and it would just hurt to try.   You can, however, be the Best Meatball!  And believe that that is just as good, or even better.


Do not forget to show appreciation for the one who DOES love you.

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