Uncle George and Grand Pa

Wow! What a day! I was going to call this post “visiting Old friends”, not that these are friends I have known for a long time. Well grandma and grandpa are if you consider a month out of a three and a half months of life is “old friends”. More like these are friends who, …well are old.  Anyway, Mom, (the sweet one) and Dad, the crazy, (Uh, lets be nice and shall we say, the passionate), one? loaded me/bribed me into the car and off we went. When we finally get out we are at this really nice resort sort of place and they tell me to go say hello to Uncle George. Who? then they explain that Uncle George is like 94, uh that is 658 in dog years. he’s very nice and glad to see me. So we’re sitting with him and  his pack, a couple of other old guys and a woman, thogther they must be about 3,000 dog years old. So I sit on comand, sniff around, play cute with them and we’re all happy. Sorry, but somehow Uncle George got cut out of the picture, I guess he wanted to remain incognito, is part of the witness protection program, or was a victim of editing.

So after that we head to Auto Tourismo Sport to meet Steve, Dave , and Dennis. they work on all sorts of exotic cars, lambo’s, Ferrari’s, Alfa’s and Maserati’s..all the cars with really nice chewable leather. I would love some of that Italian food! However I never get the chance to sneak off into one of the cars, sigh.

Then, you’d think my day was done and I could go home, but noooo.  Up to grandma and grandpa’s house. Boy, if they would leave me alone there for a day or so. I would really love to play with a lot of things there! It is just SO neat, it needs some “lived in” look, the kind a dog could bring, a little fur here, some scent there, maybe chew off some of the hard edges….boy that couch looks comfy!

Sigh, finally it back into the car for a long ride home. It’s been a good day. I met a bunch of new people, got lots of treats, visited foreign lands, more treats. made the old guys smile, got my belly rubbed all over the place. Yup, it’s been good!

Life Lesson: Make time for the old guys. They have seen a lot, know a lot and still want to be a lot. Plus it makes them happy to give you treats and rub your belly.

old guys and me

2 thoughts on “Uncle George and Grand Pa

  1. Hey Meatball ! When are you going to publish your memoirs? Just think, with all the royalties, you could get filet mignon treats instead of common duck breast. you also have to try bison burgers.

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