Taking orders is never fun.

A nine year old girl came to visit me one day.  She smelled nice and she gave my ears and belly a good rub.  We were having so much fun until she started telling me to sit.

I may never understand why humans automatically assume they have right of command.  I thought to myself “you might have 10, maybe even 20 lbs on me little girl, but I can still take you down!”  And it is not even something that will further my career as a monster dog.  Sit?!!  I already know how to sit.  She just wanted me to sit at her command, making it all the more offensive.  Paw? Roll over? Tricks without purpose!

Didn’t she know who I am?  I am Madigans The Great Barrington! Destined to be Great! Powerful! Ferocious!  A Lion of the Dog Kingdom!  I do not take orders from Anyone!  I AM FIERCE!  I AM WILD!  I AM FREE!!!

There’s no central air in the wild?  Whatever, I’ll keep to the shade and the grass.  I can’t take Mr. Bear, or Yellow Dog?  I have a Charming Personality, I can make new friends.


Hmmmmmm.  How would you like me to sit again?

Life Lesson:  You can probably do anything.  Be anything.  Go anywhere.  But what you really do, or where you actually go, or what you eventually become, is dependent on how ready you are to leave your comfort zone, and give up your comfort things.

6 thoughts on “SIT!

  1. Hey Meatball, life’s a beach. You’ll find out that you’ll have to take orders for the rest of your life. Just wait till you join the K9 corps. Orders all the time.

  2. Dear Meatball,

    You can do whatever the humans command you to do…eventually you fool them into thinking that you’re following them, when in reality, you get them to give you what you want…TREATS AND FOOD AND BELLY RUBS…lots and lots of them at that. 🙂

    You’re so huge, you can take me down in a single bound. Ahaha!

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