My Crate is my Castle!

Hi, I guess most of you know that the common wisdom amongst people is that I should be in a crate, (jail) during the night, whenever the people leave the house, and in general whenever they feel like I need to be. They say it’s sumthin’ about proper training and not pooping inside or eating all of the furniture, shoes, remotes, and anything else they are careless enough to leave lying around or too lazy to clean up. Maybe my job is to be the “clean up enforcer!”

Anyway, I have been very good. It took me only a week or so to figure out that if I pee and poop outside I get a cookie, ..inside, uh well they aren’t so happy and giving with the treats. Hey even at 2:30 or 4:30 in the morning the guy gives me cookies! that lady.. she won’t get up for anything!

Well, it seems to have worked . I have given them the sad look and now I have a two story couple of thousand square foot “crate” Yeah, thats right, they gave me the run of the place! A virtual “get out of jail free card”, well almost. There seem to be some secret rooms I don’t have access to….yet. My favorite place is upstairs in the bathroom, nice cool tile floor, a shower stall that is well protected..kinda’ my own secluded hiding spot. I’ll admit it took me three weeks to learn to navigate the stairs, but once I learned to get past those obstacles they tried to set up, (cake) I was invincible! ok, ok it took me a little longer to learn how to come down, but now it’s noooo problem.

Life Lesson: Start of small and if you play your cards right sooner or later you will have the Big House!

the Jail

back in the old days...a couple of weeks ago

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