So, I went to the Vet yesterday, she’s a really nice woman, oh and her assistant too, (they have treats!). I got shots…didn’t even notice, clipped my nails…eh, big deal. I now weigh 36 pounds. Yep, I gained almost 20lbs. of pure Massive Mastiff Muscle in the last 4 weeks!  I’m bad! ..So,  I Barked at the door stop and I barked at the plants…I think I scared them. That’s right “Meatball the terrible”, that’s me.   Then on the way out there was another guy like me! Four legs, long nose, big teeth, tail, check…yeah, he’s kinda’ like me but a little bit bigger, (for now anyway!, HA!). But then he wanted to come near me, aaaaaahhhh, run away! I don’t want some stranger smelling my naughty bits! So of course, then I barked crazy at him, HA!,…I think I scared him.

Life Lesson:  So, even when you think you’re big, there is somebody bigger. My advice is to stay out of range and bark crazy at them.

3 thoughts on “36 POUNDS!

  1. Hey Meatball, next time you see that “guy”, tell him that your friend,”hairy legs”, is better than his friend.(owner)
    Keep up with life’s lessons.

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