Nothing is Child/Puppy proof.

Less than a week ago my parents woke up with me able to climb the big stairs.  They were so happy and proud of me.  “WoW! Mr. Explorer!”


This video doesn’t exist

After that however, they started putting a barrier at the base of the stairs.  I was like, whatever, the only reason I want to go up the stairs is to be with my pack anyway, and they usually take the barrier down when it is time for bed, so no biggie.

I can climb up the stairs, but not down the stairs, so my dad usually carries me.  Today like usual,  my daddy fed me breakfast, walked me and then left me alone downstairs.  But I know my mommy was still upstairs, and I wanted to be with her.  It probably took me half an hour to dispose of the barrier.  I was so proud of myself.  In my mind I was Mr. Ingenuity.  Mr. Think-Outside-The-Box.  Mr. Problem-Solver.  I really think that because I was able to clear my obstacles, my pack would be proud of me too.  But this time, not so much.

My mom woke up because I started barking so she can open the door and let me in the room.  She got mad because  she had to get up and take care of me.  She didn’t want to carry me down like my dad would.  She tried to coax me to go down the stairs with her.  I refused.  She then left and ignored me to so I could fix my own problems.  So there I stayed until my daddy came home.  He fixes everything.

Life Lesson:  Before getting yourself in a sticky situation make sure you have an exit plan that does not involve your mother.

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