I’m Not There Yet!

It is hard to grow into who you are meant to be.

Hi!  My name is Meatball.  I am an English Mastiff and I am afraid of everything.  There is so much scary stuff around here, never mind that big ‘ole Mister Hairy Legs goes crazy every now and then – one moment he is all kissy and huggy, the next moment he is throwing things at you.

The neighbors’ dog across the street, maybe I’ll meet him someday, but he needs to chill. He barks his head off,  pulls at his leash like he wants to attack. Poor etiquette, at least where I come from.  Can you really blame me for freaking out.  Hairy Legs thinks it is embarrassing, he probably thinks I am a chicken.  And probably so does the other dog:(

Then there are the car trips.  Why do humans have go to so many places?  I do not think I mind the car ride as much as I mind being in a different place with different people, different smells every time.  It drives me nuts!  I get so scared, my heart starts racing, I can’t get enough air!  I think it reminds me of  the first time I met these humans, when I ended up NOT HOME.

Whatever my reasons, Hairy Legs tells me I shouldn’t be afraid.  That I am an English mastiff, destined to be more than 200 lbs, one of the mightiest of dogs.  What he doesn’t understand is whatever whoever thinks I will be, I am not there yet!  I reserve the right to be as scared, as shy, as weak, as cry-baby as I need to be!

Life Lesson:  You might never be what other people expect you to be, you might not be able to, or you might not want to, but in the meantime, it might not be a bad idea to Pretend.

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