There is something reassuring about being able to do the same things over and over.

I guess my name is Meatball.  At least that’s what Hairy Legs and Purple Toes call me the most.  Sometimes I’m Alicekajan, but only to Purple Toes.  I am getting used to having them as pack.

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I let them know I am ready to rise and shine by crying a little.  As they sleep UPSTAIRS I give them a little time to get their act together before crying again. Louder and Longer.  Usually Hairy Legs comes down, opens my crate, takes me for a walk and plays with me.

Then comes breakfast.  I get excited as soon as I hear the sound of my food dish.  I start barking to let him know that I really want the food ASAP as he is a little slow.  He is a good cook though, so I forgive him.

We rest.  We go out, poop, pee, play.  Then we nap again.  And repeat.  Sometimes it is hard to get humans to do what you want them to do.  Use positive reinforcement first – wag your tail like crazy so they know you like what they are doing.  This will make it more likely they will repeat the action.  If that doesn’t work, make googly eyes, or make yourself look like you are the most miserable doggie in the world – that will usually make them want to make you happy.  Use only coercion as last resort – threaten to bite them or their loved one if they do not comply.

Life Lesson:  In order please:  Use flattery, then drama, then if all else fails, nag.

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