New Everything

 It’s hard to hold on to the sadness when you have somebody who is determined to make you happy.

My first day at the new house all I wanted to do was mope in a corner. I kept shaking like I was cold. but I really was just scared. Scared of Everything.  Mr. Hairy Legs wouldn’t leave me alone!  He kept sitting by me, and trying to lure me out of my corner.  

This video doesn’t exist

He took out the big guns: Long Squeaky Yellow Dog, and Mr. Squeaky TeddyBer.  How could a puppy resist?  He kept hugging and kissing me, sometimes making me forget.

That night, when the pain of remembering was at its sharpest, Mr. Hairy Legs got some cushions and slept beside my crate so he could put his hand on my back.  I only cried a little bit.

It took three more days.  Then I was tamed.  I was home.

This video doesn’t exist

 Life Lesson: Revel in your happiness without guilt.  Your memories will probably understand.

2 thoughts on “New Everything

  1. Ok, looking at this picture and a few of the others…I think he has doubled in size from when we got him……about 3 1/2 weeks ago!

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