This video doesn’t exist

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

I was born in a small breeder farm in Pennsylvania. There were 2 females and 4 males in my litter.  We lived in an eight foot pen where we did everything.  Outside our pen live the rest of my pack – 4 adult males and 4 adult female mastiffs.  Taking care of all our needs are our two humans, Tall Male and Round Female.

We led a pretty boring life.  My siblings and me ate, slept and drove each other nuts on the same 8-foot pen all my eight weeks of life.  We get our highs fighting for the most food.  We had no privacy.  We didn’t even have names.  We were just the puppies.

There were two toys for the whole pen.  We had to fight for the right to play with it.

This video doesn’t exist

We never knew sky, never knew grass, never knew dirt.  Just soiled sheets that gets changed a couple of times a day. The same old faces, same old smells, the same old pack. But we were safe.  We were pack.  We were home.

Life Lesson:  Wallow in your sorrow while you may,  However long it takes, it doesn’t stay.

4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Hey everyone. I am Meatball! follow my blog and “Like” me please! You know that little “like” button/box. Post some comments if you want. It is kinda’ hard for me to type with paws but I’ll try to keep everyone updated.

    • So cute and lovely, full of life , joy and excitement… Who says a dog’s life is … a dog’s life ? Hehe… Enjoy!!

  2. Meatball is adorable! A real winner! He has his pet Marie’s attitude and looks a lot like his pet Chris in one of his solo photos, with that forlorn, sweet expression that makes you want to hug him. The resemblance is amazing, really. Written like a true blue english mastiff puppy raised in a pen and about to conquer the world.

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