Little Thief

She has completely ruined my life.

She made my toys her own without my consent!

She made my toys her own without my consent!

She took my Big Bear!

She took my Big Bear!

She took my bone

She took my bone!

She took my Daddy. But I pretend I don’t care.

But if I make him, Daddy sometimes pays attention to me.

But sometimes, it feels good to share.

But sometimes, it feels good to share.

Life Lesson: Sharing is probably as much fun as having your teeth pulled, but sometimes, it’s not bad.

A New Puppy

Waiting for a chance to make her not cute

Waiting for a chance to make her not cute

How can something so little be such a big threat?

How can something so little be such a big threat?

You would think that having a good-looking puppy such as me would be enough to make anybody happy. But no. Rescue mastiffs were going to have a litter so my dad volunteered to take one. She was under 6 weeks when we got her because their mommy cannot afford to feed them anymore.

They named her Spaghetti, like she was going to be my partner or something. I probably do not like her. She is getting all the attention that I used to get. She does not even know how to do anything. And my mommy is kissing her. The most my mommy ever did for me when I came home was stroke my butt with her pointy finger. It is true that my mommy has learned to like to kiss me, but that is beside the point.

She is ugly.

Life Lesson: Jealousy is never pretty.

End of the Blog?


I am SO sorry. WordPress the blog hosting site “upgraded” their site so the photos worked differently. I guess they think it is an improvement but it really slowed down putting pictures into the blogs. Instead of the old way of uploading photos from my computers pictures folder into the blog it had me download all of my pictures that I was using in the blogs to a file on their site…but this put too much on the site, (or my part of it anyway) and made it not work. It kept freezing my page.and made it near impossible to write the blog. So I erased the file on their site, never imagining it would also erase already published blog photos…but it did. Now the only thing I could do is to go back to each blog and one by one add the pictures back. Too much work especially sonce it would mean adding the pictures that froze the site in the first place. This may be the end of the blog. I don’t think it is recoverable…and I don’t think I will ever get to do a hard copy of it for a book.

Life Lesson: Don’t use WordPress

Happy Feet


These are Spaghetti’s little paws when she was just 6 weeks old. She was just chillin’ out in her make shift crate, (yeah, a cardboard box, like some homeless that ok to say?) with her peep..a borrowed squeaky dude. I was like, “giiiirl you got to get a better place than that, you need a luxury condo crate if you are going to show off your feet like that to all of the world.

Spags diving in

And this is Spaghetti eating with her foot in the food dish.  it is kinda’ Blechhh, who knows where those feert have been! But she is the kind of girl that just likes to, Dive Right In!

I am thinking the way dad like to take pictures of our feet that maybe he has some sort of foot fetish or something.  I mean he has SO many pictures of my paws as I got bigger. It is crazy!

Spaghetti'sPaw at 6 weeks

look there is another “foot pic”  These are “Little Feet” . My paws are like this…..

paw 001

Life Lesson: Your imagination may be able take you places but your feet do the work



This is Me and Spaghetti making our plan. It is a secret…we are planning to take over. We are going to jump daddy when he gets home and gain control of the Universe! We will be Masters of The Universe!

At first we were going to hire Vinny and Guido…..Dog Show Living Large

But they wanted to many dog treats as payment, so we slept on it and conferred again, talked it out.6 Weeks Side by Side and played real innocent like.

Then one day when HE came home we attacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddys Pinned I held him down while Spaghetti was supposed to go for the jugular….but instead she just licked his face untill he gave up!, (she is such an innocent girl!)

I was hoping we would end up eating his bones! Pork Bone……… But alas, ’twas not to be.

So for now we will not be ruling the universe, sigh. But at least he feeds us, buys us toys, plays with us, walks us, and serves us rather well, and he is a benevolent ruler.

Life Lesson: If you want to rule the universe first look around…you may already be ruling it!

Little Puppies

New Meatball 091 DSC02085 HANDSOME! meatball pics 071 meatball pics 097 meatball pics 102 meatball pics 105 meatball pics 109

These were me when I was 8 weeks old or there abouts. See how cute and good looking I am.  Now I have an ugly little sister, ugh, she is a real pain but I still love her. this is the little monster below.

Comfortable Dish assault In the Food Pngit Spaghetti 1 Spaghetti 6 weeks tired Spaghetti'sPaw at 6 weeks Spags diving in Uh Thief!

So as everyone can plainly see I am much better looking. She is all wrinkly,  blockheaded, and stubby.

But toghether we’re  a team and when she gets big we are going to be able to play in the dog park, eat mom and dad out of house and home, drool all over the house and knock furniture over when we play inside, and of course poop a lot. We may even start our own fertilizer company!

Life Lesson: Family is family and is a team!

Spaghetti Western!


Ok, I just called the post that because I like the title. This is me, (Meatball) and my little pal Spaghetti ambushing our Dad when he came home.  We jumped him and are in the process of holding him down so he plays with us and doesn’t leave for so long again.

  I have noticed some thievery going on back at the ranch…mostly at my food dish, ‘er trough. I think I know who it may be,……

This video doesn’t exist

So Now I have to learn to share….


But I don’t want to! This little Spaghetti, (really just pastina at this point) is a real pain in the neck! She tries to take allof my stuff and is biting me all of the time. She bites my ears, my jowls, my nose, my legs, my everything! I try to fight her off nicely by pushing her around with my nose. Sometimes I can hold her leg in my mouth and drag her or even hold her head. I can scare her by going after her and stomping my feet and chasing. I am all Clint Eastwood like and all “Go ahead make my day!” or a “dog’s got to know his limitations” but after all of that she runs and hides, then comes right back at me. All of this is starting to make me hungry!…THEN she tries to eat MY food!

She’s little but has no fear to grab what she wants! It works ’cause she is cute.

Spags 2

Life Lesson: Be cute and gutsy, show Moxie and you can go far.